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Is complying with the law a moral or ethical issue? Ouch Training CEO hosts IOSH webinar for south coast branch

25 January 2020

Simon Cassin, CEO of Ouch Training, presented a webinar introducing the concept of morality and ethics within the health and safety industry to an audience of 124 people.

The leader of national company, Ouch Training, was invited to host the over-subscribed webinar as a result of his expertise surrounding applied philosophy and behavioural psychology, obtained from studying a Bachelor’s degree on the subject. Simon was also recently highly commended by the British Safety Council for his outstanding contribution to the industry, by being shortlisted for the 2020 CEO award.

Simon Cassin said: “For years the industry has passively accepted certain paradigms without questioning the ethical and moral obligations behind them. I want to initiate conversation surrounding this, encouraging others to explore the ethics behind many of the well accepted norms in the health and safety world.”

Drawing on his vast experience working across the health, safety and wellbeing industry, Simon was able to stimulate debate amongst attendees, encouraging them to consider the bigger picture behind the norms in the sector. Simon also brought in ideas and arguments from philosophical thinkers including Plato, Aristotle, Emanuel Kant, John Locke and David Hume.

Simon added: “It is important that we continue to ask these questions, however difficult they may be. This will enable the industry to evolve our practices to best fit and reflect the society which we live in today.”

The Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) is the chartered body and largest global membership organisation for safety and health professionals. The body supports its members by creating workplaces which are safer, healthier, and more sustainable. They also collaborate with governments, advise policymakers, and run campaigns to promote awareness of issues affecting workplace safety, health and wellbeing.

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