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Welcome to the Ouch blog! We're passionate about promoting a culture of safety and well-being in every workplace. Whether you're a seasoned safety professional, a small business owner, or someone simply eager to learn more about safeguarding yourself and others, you've come to the right place.

Our blog is your go-to resource for the latest trends, best practices, and expert advice in the realm of health, safety, and well-being training. From practical tips for preventing workplace accidents to in-depth analyses of industry regulations, we’re committed to providing you with valuable information that you can trust.

Simply too simple!

In recent years, many organisations have recognised the importance of an ethical approach to business. However, unfortunately, how we discuss

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A letter to Santa

A letter to Santa Recently public discussions and references to ethics, morality and integrity have become increasingly common. I’m sure

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Think Critically

Do you ever say “I think” when you haven’t thought? Most people understand the importance and value of effective thinking,

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