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Mental Health First Aid Quiz

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Which of the options below is the most common form of mental health issue?*
Which of the following are risk factors which may affect a person’s mental health?*
According to the Labour Force Survey how many working days were lost in 2018/19 due to stress depression and anxiety?*
In 2018/19 what is the percentage of working days lost due ill health were caused by work-related stress, depression and anxiety?*
The total annual cost of mental ill-health in the UK is estimated at?*
What percentage of the population say they have experienced at least one symptom of psychosis?*
What percentage of people with bulimia fully recover?*
In an OCD survey of 15yr-olds (2018), where did the UK rank in terms of life satisfaction? (Out of 30 countries)*
What percentage of people suffering from a diagnosable mental illness receive no treatment??*
Which of the following is cited as being the most cause of work-related stress, depression and anxiety?*
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