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Our Story

After dedicating many years to the Fire Service and Army, Ouch’s founder, Simon Cassin, embarked on a mission that has since left an enduring mark. Over 25 years ago, he took the initiative to provide free First Aid training to the local community in Manchester. Recognising the vital importance of equipping people with basic skills that could potentially save lives, Simon set a powerful precedent.

As time progressed, Ouch’s focus expanded beyond its origins. The organisation diversified its offerings, delivering health, safety, and wellbeing training to notable UK companies like Google, Manchester United F.C. and YHA. However, the core ethos of Ouch remained unchanged – a commitment to facilitating meaningful learning experiences.

Today, Ouch embodies its founder’s initial aspiration and continuous dedication. The evolution from community based First Aid instruction to a comprehensive resource for health, safety and wellbeing solutions underscores a dynamic journey. What remains constant is Ouch’s commitment to empowering individuals through education, enabling them to lead safer and more informed lives.

Meet Our Brilliant Team

Our team is a dynamic blend of experts, dedicated to your success. Meet the individuals behind our commitment to excellence, guiding you on your learning journey.

Simon Cassin

Managing Director

Max Cassin

Operations Manager

Kim Fudge

Business Manager

Gemma Cataldo

Client Support Officer

Andrea Saunders

Admin Assistant

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