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New Year’s Resolutions (for business)!

9 January 2023

The Christmas period has finished, and January tends to be the time of year that people look at what their aspirations are for the year ahead. Whether it’s to join a gym, to make more time for ourselves or start a new hobby, we endeavour to improve in some way compared to the previous year. The same approach can be applied to businesses. We often return to work in January, pick up where we left off and continue to operate in the same way as the previous year without considering whether that is most beneficial to our organisation.


The new year is a fantastic opportunity to look at how 2023 can be a year of improvement and growth for your business. It’s important to review how your business performed in 2022; what was successful? Were your processes effective and efficient? Did you achieve the targets and outcomes set in the previous year?


Here are some new year’s resolution ideas for businesses (amongst many more):

  • Check updates within employment law and update your contracts accordingly – have there been any changes that need to be reflected in your policies, procedures, and contracts?
  • Update your business plan – this should be a live document that can be continuously updated and changed where necessary.
  • Review your procedures – do you do things a certain way because that’s how they’ve always been done? Could it be done differently to be more efficient?
  • Apply technology to streamline processes – the use of technology can help your business to be more efficient as automating certain processes can save time and money.
  • Create a positive work environment – businesses are still getting used to the ‘new normal’ since the pandemic but ensuring employees are part of a positive environment will help to retain staff.
  • Continuously build your brand – understand your target audience and make the most of different media channels that you maybe haven’t explored previously.
  • Prioritise training and upskilling – investing in your employees’ development can make them feel more valued. Training and upskilling provide better opportunities for achieving goals.

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As part of your new year tasks, it’s also a great time to review your employee development plans. Now, more than ever, the emphasis is on businesses to provide clear development paths for employees including the relevant support to help them achieve their goals. At Ouch, our passion is to provide opportunities to learn and develop for both our staff members and customers. Training can be a crucial tool for employees to increase their current knowledge, as well as develop new skills which could allow for growth within their roles.


The advantages for businesses who invest in developing their employees are extensive including (but not limited to):

  • Employees feel valued and supported
  • Increased productivity and performance
  • Positive morale within the workforce
  • A key benefit to offer when recruiting new staff
  • Retaining employees / low staff turnover


With so many benefits for both the employee and the business, it would be of great value to look at your employee development plans in more detail and assess if they are still appropriate and favourable.


With a large range of health, safety and wellbeing courses, we can work alongside you to assist in developing your employees in the following areas:

First Aid

Fire Safety

Asbestos Safety

Health & Safety

Mental health & wellbeing

Drivers CPC

Manual handling

Business training & support


Whether you’re looking to send individuals onto our open courses here in Wimborne, or if you’re looking to apply a full training program across your organisation, please get in touch and we’d be happy to discuss your requirements and what we can offer your business.


Happy New Year

The Ouch team