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Exciting news for the Ouch Training Team

7 February 2022

The Ouch team are excited to announce we have been shortlisted to be finalists in the Federation of Small Businesses, Well-being award.

We used a whole Ouch team approach when we were writing our application, with each staff member contributing to the questions asked.

Ouch firmly believe that employee well-being provides the foundation for making a positive contribution to our own lives and those of our family, friends, work colleagues and the customers we support. Our organisation is a representation of all those who contribute to its purpose and values. Our ethos of proactively supporting employee well-being improves individual and team performance. Which in turn creates a sustainable foundation for everything we do. We see well-being as being more than the important issues of physical and mental health, for us it involves respecting the humanity of all we meet, creating opportunities for personal development, making a difference, and supporting our local community and the clients we serve.

Some of our Ouch well-being initiatives:

  • We all walk the Midday Mile with our Ouch dogs
  • We all have adjustable standing desks
  • Flexible working arrangements to ensure we are family friendly
  • We are all mental health first aiders
  • Ouch has a registered Defibrillator on the premises for our local community to use in an emergency
  • We all enjoy free gym membership
  • We bring our dogs to work
  • All staff are on a constant learning journey being able to access training to support individual development
  • We all love to volunteer, and Ouch supports this

The Mental health Foundation states “When we experience good mental health, we can make full use of our abilities, cope with the normal stresses of life and play a full part in our families, workplaces and communities, as well as among friends. Despite our mental health being such an important personal and social resource, the extent of mental health problems in the population means that too many of us are struggling, rather than thriving and reaching our full potential”.

At Ouch we pride ourselves on supporting each other to reach our full potential and to make the workplace an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

We deliver Health and well-being training and the whole suite of MHFA England courses. You can find more information here.

Wish us good luck for the finals on 2 March 2022.

Su Turner

4 February 2022