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Non-Licensed Asbestos Groundworker


Non-Licensed Asbestos Groundworkers training is an adapted Non-Licensed Asbestos Work course which is designed to more suit the needs of employees whose primary roles involve groundworking.

Who needs this qualification?

Any persons carrying out non-licensed works with asbestos containing materials, as laid down in CAR 2012, Reg 3(2) and as described in JIWG CAR-SOIL 2016. This would normally include, but is not limited to:

  • Site investigation engineers
  • Utilities installation and maintenance engineers
  • Ground works operatives, including ground drilling and manual excavations, fencing installation, on site remediation and waste disposal
  • Any other persons likely to disturb and carry out work on asbestos containing materials as defined in CAR 2012 and JIWG CAR-SOIL 2016.

Why is this training important?

The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 requires every employer to ensure that adequate information, instruction and training is given to their employees who are; or who are liable to be exposed to asbestos, or who supervise such employees. The course enables employees to take necessary measures to safeguard themselves and others affected by work activities.

Course content

  • Asbestos in soils origins
  • Distinction between LW, NLW and NNLW
  • Explanation of the different types of works that can be undertaken and classified as NLW
  • Typical types of contamination that can be found below ground level
  • Isolation of areas, cordoned off areas, contaminated zones, access and egress points, clear instructions on working practices such as hand picking/machine removal, decontamination of machinery, wetting techniques, assessments of exposure relating to ground disturbance
  • Additional legislation
  • Risk assessments and plans of work (EM0)
  • Accidental disturbance / emergency procedures (EM1)
  • Information, instruction and training (EM2)
  • Use of Class H Vacuum (EM 4)
  • Use of wetting control measures (EM 5)
  • Personal protective equipment (EM 6)
  • Cleaning (EM 7)
  • Decontamination (EM 8)
  • Waste (EM 9)

Learning outcomes

Upon completion of the course, learners will be able to:

  • Demonstrate a knowledge of asbestos related legislation
  • Know how to reduce potential contamination and methods to restrict access to work areas
  • Understand the correct procedure using a H vacuum
  • Know the techniques for wetting asbestos materials
  • Understand the types and importance of using the correct PPE
  • Demonstrate the correct procedure for personal decontamination
  • Understand the correct procedure for the transportation and disposal of asbestos waste
  • Develop and prepare risk assessments and a plan of work
  • Understand the emergency procedures for accidental asbestos disturbance
  • Know what to do in the event of fire, gas release or an accident (major or minor)
Certificated by: UKATA
Duration: 1 Day
Assessment: Multiple choice exam
Prerequisites: A current UKATA Asbestos Awareness for Groundworkers certificate (within the the last 6 months)
Validity of award: 1 year
Learner-to-trainer ratio: Maximum 10 learners per trainer
Delivery formats available: Face-to-face

Available dates

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