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Welcome to Ethics Club

25 May 2022

Did you know that you were a member? Ethics and morality inform and impact almost everything we do and include areas such as how we should interact with others, nature and the environment, and our respect for knowledge, among others.

There are 3 main branches of ethics: Normative ethics considers what we ought to do, and Metaethics focuses on the meaning and objectivity of moral concepts of good/bad/right/wrong, with Applied ethics looking at how we can apply normative ethics in everyday situations.

A little while ago now we asked our wonderful artist to design a poster highlighting some fundamental rules that might help us maintain our membership of the ethics club. (thanks to fight club for the inspiration)

The poster is what we call a conversation piece, it is designed to help us discuss what is good/bad, how we should live, and the best way to ensure we behave ethically.

I’m sure we have missed some important rules, and the poster is not meant to be a ubiquitous guide to living an ethical life.

If you think of some obvious omissions or just want to add your thoughts please let us know, we would love to hear from you.

If anyone would like a PDF copy, please let us know. I think it could be a great conversation starter at your workplace?

Have a lovely day.

Philosophy rocks!

Email: office@ouchtt.co.uk