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Remember, Realign, Reboot. By Simon Cassin

16 March 2021

As we all begin our slow and measured return to a new normal, perhaps it is time to remember, realign and reboot in the right way, so we can embrace the future with a collective confidence. The kids are going back to school and even though many of us are understandably nervous, an ethical realignment will help create a sustainable future for us all.

An ethical framework enables us to remember who we are, what we value and how we should live those values. It creates a blueprint for all within an organisation enabling us to work together for a common goal.

Ouch have been working with organisations who recognise that this is the perfect time to remember why they exist. A defined and agreed purpose is vital part of every important thing we do. Without it, we are like boat without a rudder being dragged in different directions rather than staying true to a course set to achieve our common purpose.

Knowing why we exist builds a solid base from which we can define what is important to us. A list of values set up by the senior management team are not true organisational values. An organisation is a collection of people and only when the values are contributed to and representative of the people who make up the organisation, can they be true and meaningful values.

The third and final part, is how we live those values, the way we interact with our colleagues, our customers, and the work we do. Understanding the boundaries and recognising when they are under threat is a key aspect of any successful organisation. Remembering and redefining how we live our values will go a long way to help us recognise dilemmas and plot a consistent way of approaching them.

Many of us have become disconnected from our previous ways of working. I think it’s time to come together, remember why we exist, what we value and how to live those values in everything we do.

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