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2 August 2022

Customer service is, and always should be, of the upmost importance to businesses. Good customer service produces and maintains:

  • Positive working relationships
  • Customer retention and loyalty
  • A positive reputation and customer recommendations
  • Increased profits
  • Reinforces company values and brand
  • Gives your business a competitive edge

(Indeed.com, 2021) and (LinkedIn.com, 2021)

A large part of customer service is providing a positive experience throughout their interaction with your company. Meaning it’s not just the actual product or service that is being paid for, but the communication with staff from initial contact all the way through the follow-up support provided are just as important. One way of ensuring this is to make the whole process straightforward and stress-free for the client. At Ouch, we prioritise providing great customer service and are always looking for ways in which this can be improved.

We have embarked on a new project which we believe will not only enhance the customer service experience but will also use technology to assist the Ouch team in streamlining our whole process. We are currently working with Verstech Ltd who are helping us to create a new bespoke database and customer relationship management system.

Being a training provider, our database is not only crucial in helping us to communicate with our clients but also to organise a very complex schedule of training courses, locations, and instructors.

Our new all-singing, all-dancing, bespoke CRM database will simplify and modernise our procedures from a customer enquiry right the way through to the aftercare we provide. A new major element will be that customers will have login credentials and will be able to access various features such as:

  • See all training undertaken by their staff members
  • Download learner and course reports
  • Download training certificates
  • Receive reminders for certificate expiries

This feature will be free of charge to all our customers and will certainly increase the value of our service. The benefits of the new customer access component will undoubtedly reduce customer time and energy spent on investigating employee training queries as with instant access to our system, all the information required will be accessible at the touch of a button.

As well as the customer login, the new database will also update some of the booking process we currently use. All booking forms will be digitally signed and submitted, reducing any need for printing and paper wastage – reducing our carbon footprint is always at the forefront of how we operate and what we can do to improve this.

All of our instructors will also have access to the new system allowing them to provide immediate updates of availability which in turn will allow us to provide quicker response times for customer enquiries.

Kim Fudge, Project Lead for the new database says, “We are extremely excited for the arrival of our new customer database. Alongside our high-quality training, the new system will allow us to continue to grow our relationships with our fantastic customers and provide the very best service we can at no additional cost to them.”

 If you’re one of our current customers, we will be in touch with you soon. If you’re a potential future client, you too could benefit from our simple booking process and extra customer perks.

Simon Cassin, Director

Ouch Training Team