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Boomerang Learning By Simon Cassin

14 April 2021

How many times do we go on a course, read a book or perhaps even just catch a quote in a Facebook post? at the time we think the learning was great, really informative and definitely something that you want to use in the future. But something happens, both formal and everyday learning often disappears, dissolving and becoming indistinct from the soup of life.

Formal learning such as attending training courses is often seen as the answer to problems that exist within a business, a way of avoiding or countering safety, quality and other important issues. Firstly, we often choose training based on convenience, cost or even enjoyment, but surely the reason why we invest time money and effort into training is for the learning outcomes rather than the gaining of certificates.

Imagine if your teams brought their learning back to the workplace, so it could be used to inform and improve your organisation. Wouldn’t that be amazing? Training your teams in this way will help you achieve your goals and maybe even surpass them.

At Ouch we call this boomerang learning, it is when organisations create a platform for learning which involves the learner in all stages of the process. 1) Ask them what they need to know to do their job. 2) Show them the learning outcomes before they attend courses. 3) Get them to debrief you and their peers when they return. 4) Involve the learners in the design and implementation of any required changes.

Organisations which adopt a boomerang approach to learning will become far more agile and able to adapt. This approach enables and facilitates a change in mindset, one where learning opportunities are embraced and valued by all. After a recent mental health first aid course we liaised with the training facilitator to discuss how the learning can be brought back to the workplace. That way business, the delegates and the teams can work together for the benefit of all.

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